General Coatings

GCC specializes in commercial industrial painting, drywall finishing and specialty coating applications. Our beliefs are that success does not happen by chance or by luck, only through hard work and dedication.  GCC takes great pride in our work and our people.  We have developed systems of teamwork and training to assure quality and customer satisfaction.  We feel that no job is impossible, it just needs careful planning and expert crafts people.  Our team works continually to upgrade quality standards and promote safety on all our jobsites.

Mission Statement

“Committed to excellence” our mission is to provide our client unparalled value in the painting industry, driven by exceptional customer service, strict safety standards, quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

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Think Safety

Safety Planning

  • Every job at GCC includes a site specific written safety plan
  • The safety plan addresses potential hazards and accidents
  • Clients can be assured of quality performance with a safety and environmental focus
  • All of our employers are 10 hr OSHA certified or working on their certifications.
  • All foremen are 30 Hr OSHA certified

Safety and Environmental Best Practices

Employees and supervisors team up for safety and environmental awareness on every job. Ongoing training equips employees to deliver work on time and within budget safely.

Formula for Success: Training and Commitment

GCC safety focus includes incentive plans, management, commitment and ongoing training and awareness. Staff specialists keep employees updated on new coating technologies and application techniques.

    • Construction and equipment procedures and operation
    • Hazardous materials use and disposal
    • Electrical safety and safety solutions for high rigging jobs
    • Proper use of personal protection equipment
    • Meticulously maintained state-of-the art equipment
    • Project documentation
    • Clear safety procedures at the job site